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    Vintage Printed Throws

         We are big fans of these Wonderfully Versatile One of a Kind Throws. They come from India and are called "Kanthas", made from recycled vintage saris. Each one is truly unique in it's color combinations and patterns. We use them for EVERYTHING and have many of our own. Each Kantha that we sale on our site have been carefully selected as patterns and color combos that we personally love and would have in our own home. 

    Each one has a little imperfections which makes them unique in their own way. 

         We love to use ours as a dining table cloth for dinner parties. As a couch throw, we live with dogs and kids that are always jumping on our newly re-upholstered couch so to protect and conserve it we throw these perfectly colorful Kanthas so we can relax and all hang together. They are great decor piece as well. We have a throw in the car for the same reasons and they accessorize the interior of our car quite nicely. If you have a camper or van these Kanthas make for some really nice seat cover decor as well.  We love taking our Kanthas on our picnic trips, festivals, beach & camping adventures. You can even create a curtain or room divider with these lively pieces by hanging them in a doorway. Also wonderful to have these throw blankets in your meditation/ Yoga room. The are soft and easy to roll up and use for additional support in your poses.

     You Definitely can't go wrong owning a few of these in your home. Anyone who owns one, knows how cool these throws are to have around the house.