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    Sybile Kohn-Deutschman the founder/ Designer has worked as a wardrobe stylist & fashion editor for many years. Implementing style inspiration from all over the world for people from all walks of life and in doing so discovered that clothing is not only a reflection of how you feel about yourself and about the world around you but can also change you from the outside in.

    Growing up on islands like Tahiti, St. Barths and the Dominicain Republic most of her childhood life as well as in recent years sailing the caribbean with her family has deepened her desire to connect with people who remind her of the importance of slowing down, staying connected and keeping the colorful spirit of the islands in her everyday life. 

    "I love wearing clothes that put me in that "feeling good and happy" state of mind. Wearing color is so uplifting. I love putting people in unexpected colors. The peoples I dress often say to me: "I would have never picked this color for myself but it looks amazing" and I always reply: "Have more fun with your clothes, yourself and your life!"

    Live a Rum Punch Life.